Apply TSPLUS to ...
Turn Small Business application to WEB accessible with Windows Workgroup Environment for shares the accounting software to remote users. BEST Low budget for serving a small number of remote users.

Apply TSPLUS to ...

A large number of remote users. TSPLUS Load Balance combines multiple terminal servers to serve a large number of remote users.


簡單的視窗工作組Windows Workgroup


一般情況下,大多數中小型企業通常會設立成視窗工作組Windows Workgroup環境,並且選最強勁的一台電腦裡安裝TSPLUS,把它當充為主機來共享會計軟件,庫存軟件或薪資系統等應用程式。 此設置中沒有侍服器。​TSPLUS在此發揮著重要角色,使的分行用戶或移動用戶可以遠程登入總公司的商業軟件同步工作。

TSPLUS play an important role to make the business software accessible by the branch user or mobile users. 

The solution is simple. Simply setup TSPLUS on the existing main PC, then create HTTP port forwarding on the broadband router and create a Dynamic Hostname (NO-IP or DYNDNS).

The branch users or mobile users are ready to access the HQ main PC with a web browser. No client software setup is needed. The remote user simply key-in the Dynamic Hostname address on the local Web Browser and login to the Main PC in HQ. The remote user is able to print any document to the local printer by select Universal Printer then chose a local printer to output. No printer driver compatibility issue. 




  • TSPLUS support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 as host. Also Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 any editions.

  • Recommended host PC with fastest CPU possible, memory starting from 8Gb (Host on Windows Desktop) / 16Gb (Host on Windows Server) or higher subjected to the shared application requirement and number of concurrent users.

  • For smoother operation, SSD Harddisk is recommended.

  • Broadband supported Dynamic Public IP.

  • Dynamic Hostname recommended or or any reliable service provider.

  • For client PC, any computer or mobile devices with HTML5 supported Web Browser. 

Separated Database with Application Server


In most cases, the workstations in the LAN are setup with client application software. To allow remote users to access the Database, we suggest building another separate Application Server and to host the TSPLUS as well. This approach to eliminate Database server overloaded and harden server security which is not directly explored to the internet. The Application Server with TSPLUS act as a remote server "gateway" to service the remote users over the internet. No dispute between database maintenance team and remote access network team. 

Any of the "Client/Server Application" is now WEB enabled for the remote users to access with WEB Browser. 


If the network in HQ has setup with Windows Domain, then the remote clients will be required to authenticate as domain users before accessing the application software. 

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